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Publication Notice

Hancock County, Georgia
Inferior Court Minutes 1809-1833

Released in February 2000, this book contains the transcription of the original 509 pages of this book.  These minutes deals  with some guardianships and  administrations of estates, but also contains many commissions of initial layout of roads in the county naming the neighborhood residence to help in construction.  Hancock County was one of the earliest counties in Georgia and many  genealogical researchers should be interested in the publication as well as the citizens of the area.  Below is a listing of just some of the names recorded in this book. (Note, many of these may have different spellings than are used today).

Abercrombie, Adams, Alford, Allen, Amos, Applying, Andrews, Archer, Arnold, Atkinson, Askew, Audas, Averette, Bailey, Baker ,Barefield, Barksdale, Barnes, Bass, Battle, Baxter, Bell, Beman, Binion, Berry, Bird, Birdsong, Blount, Bonner, Borland, Boyer, Brantley, Brewer, Brodnax, Brooking, Brown, Bryan, Burvh, Butler, Butts, Bynum, Caddenhead, Cannon, Carr, Carter, Carswell, Castleberry, Cato, Champion, Chappell, Chambers, Clark  Clayton, Clements, Cobb, Coffee, Colbert, Collier, Connell, Colquett, Cook, Cooper, Coulter, Comer, Collins, Coupland, Cowan, Crawford, Crowder, Culver, Cureton  Daniel, Dannielly, Davenport, Davis, Dennis, Devereux, Dickenson, Dickson,  Dixon, Dowdle, Doyle, Duggar, Dunn, Ellis, Evans, Fletcher, Flournoy, Foster, Gary, Garrett, Gay, Gholstons, Gilbert, Gilliland, Godwin, Graybill, Greene, Griffin Griggs, Hall, Hamilton, Harris, Harrison, Harwell, Harvey, Henry, Hardwick, Hargroves, Harper, Hawkins, Haynes, Hill, Hilsman, Hitchcock, Holland,  Holloman, Holt, Hood,  Horton,  Howell, Hudson, Hutchison, Humphrey, Huff, Hunt, Hunter, Hurt, Ingram, Jackson, Jernigan, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordon, Kenny, Kennedy, Kelley, Kendall, Kennon, Latimore, Lawson, Lankford, Lewis, Linch, Lockhart, Low, Lucas, Lundy, Macon, Martin, Maddox, Marshall, Mann, Matthews, Mapp, McClellan, McGee, McDonald, Melson, Middlebrooks, Middleton, Miller, Mills, Minton, Mitchell, Moon, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Mullins, Newson, Nolley, Norsworthy, Oliver, Orare, Oneal, Page, Parham, Parker, Parsons, Patterson, Peek, Pemberton, Peterson, Phillips, Potter,  Prewitt, Peek, Pinkston, Pritchett, Pope, Rabun, Rachels, Randle, Rawlings, Reed, Reid, Reynolds, Richardson, Rives, Rivers,  Respess, Rogers, Roe, Roberts, Robertson, Ross, Rountree, Rudisille, Sanders, Sanford, Sasnett, Saunders, Scott,  Shivers, Simms, Simmons, Slaughter, Sledge, Shipp,  Shackleford, Skinner, Southall, Smith, Spencer, Stubbs,  Swinney, Strother, Strickland, Springer, Stanton, Swint, Stovall, Tait, Stephens, Stewart, Sykes, Speights Tarver, Taylor, Temple, Thetford,  Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Terrill, Thweatt, Trawick, Traylor, Trippe, Tucker, Turner, Tyson, Tyus, Vaughan, Veasey, Vinson, West, Wallace, Ward, Walker, Waller, Whatley, Whitfield,Wilkinson, Wilkins, Webb, Williams, Williamson, Winne/Wynn, Wilson,Womack, Wood, Wright, Wray,  Youngblood.

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Document Retrieval Procedures

Any page copy of the original court document can be ordered from the publisher.      When ordering, be sure to use the original book page of 767 pages as indexed. Do  not use the individual page of this published book.
The cost, until at least the year 2002 is:
      $6.00 for the first page and
      $1.00 for each additional page.

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