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Spend a relaxing weekend along the beautiful River Bend in the North Georgia Mountains

The Tickanetley Bend

 Reconstructed in script type on parchment $2.00 each

(Please do not copy these and post them.  Considerable time and effort was put into translating them into language currently in use.  The costs covers printing and mailing.)

Abraham Brantley      Montgomery Co TN 1850

Benjamin Brantley     Monroe Co GA          1842

Charles Brantley         Montgomery Co TN  1803

Clay Brantley              Isle of W Co VA        1753

Edmund Brantley       Jones Co GA             1855

Edward Brantley        Bertie Co NC              1837

Edward Brantley        Halifax Co NC           1765

Edward Brantley        Halifax Co NC          1805

Edward Brantley        Isle of W Co VA       1720

Edward Brantley        Nottoway Par VA     1736

Elizabeth Brantley     Chatham Co NC       1827

Francis Brantley          Isle of Wight VA      1779

George R Brantley      Dallas Co AL            1867

Green Brantley            Washington Co GA  1888

Green D Brantley        Chambers Co AL    1849

Hannah Brantley         Williamson Co TN  1852

Henry Brantley            Pitt Co NC               1861

Hester Brantley            Surry Co VA              1727

James Brantley             Isle of Wight VA       1800

James Brantley             Hertford Co NC         1880

James Brantley             Livingston Co KY     1840

James Brantley            Montgomery Co TN 1843

James B Brantley         Dallas Co AL            1845

James H Brantley         Northampton NC    1862

Jeptha Brantley            Monroe Co GA         1836

Jeremiah Brantley        Laurens Co GA        1848

Jesse Brantley             Meriwether Co GA    1842

Jincy Brantley             No Hampton Co NC  1826

John Brantley              Nash Co NC               1785

John Brantley              Chatham Co NC        1777

John Brantley              Hardeman Co TN     1842

John Brantley              Isle of W Co VA         1731

John Brantley Jr          Chatham Co NC         1811

Joseph Brantley          Chatham Co NC         1807

Joseph Brantley          Jones Co GA              1847

Joshua Brantley          Walton Co GA            1855

Lewis Brantley            Halifax Co NC            1799

Lucy Brantley             Monroe Co GA            1854

Mary Brantley             Putnam Co GA           1834

Mary Brantley             Columbia Co GA       1843

Mary Brantley             Maury Co TN             1851

Penelope Brantley      Halifax Co NC            1844

Phillip Brantley          Halifax Co NC            1774

Phillip Brantley          Warren Co GA           1819

Phillip Brantley          Warren Co GA           1824

Robert Brantley          Halifax Co NC            1795

Robert R Brantley      Halifax Co NC            1803

Spencer Brantley      Washington Co GA     1861

Sussannah Brantley  Upson Co GA              1890

Thomas Brantley      Montgomery Co TN    1814

Thomas Brantley      Dallas Co AL                1822

Thomas Brantley      No Hampton NC          1777

Thomas Brantley      Union Parish LA          1845

William Brantley      Halifax Co NC              1805

William Brantley      Chatham Co NC           1822

William Brantley      Montgomery Co TN    1843

William Brantley      Robertson Co TN         1851

Wilson Brantley       Isle of Wight VA          1803

Zechariah Brantley  Washington Co GA     1860

Edward Brantly's will of 1688 reconstructed in Calligraphy and presented on 11 by 17 parchment paper.  $3.50



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