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Spend a relaxing weekend along the beautiful River Bend in the North Georgia Mountains

The Tickanetley Bend

James Robertson Brantley

 (1862 - 1945)

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James Robertson Brantley was born January 27, 1862 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  He was the son of Samuel French Brantley and grandson of James Atkinson Brantley.  His great grandfather was Joseph A. Brantley, who came to Tennessee about 1825. James R. Brantley is considered the founder of the Tennessee Walking Horse. See photos for a picture of Allen F1, the first "foundation" horse for the breed, purchased in 1903.  Mr. Brantley had bought an old mule and the horse was thrown in on the deal. According to descendants, James' intention was to develop a utility horse from him.  See photos for a picture of  James R. sitting on Allen Denmark, a descendant of Allen F1. Mr. Brantley's breed developed into the plantation horse which later evolved into show horses of today.  Among horses that descended from Allen F1 was, Roan F1, Allen F38, Hunters F10, and Merry Legs F4; all award winning show horses. James Robinson Brantley died April 14, 1945 in Coffee County.

     His son John French Brantley, as a boy, rode the first foundation horse, Allen F1, to school daily.    He later carried the torch in promoting and developing the Tennessee Walking Horse and was the leading expert on the breed until his death in 1982. 

     The Brantley family of Noah, Tennessee, are still managing the breeding business.  In recent years, Highway 41, from Manchester, Tennessee to Rutherford County line, was named the "James R. Brantley Memorial Highway".  

    On 25 January 1994 the State of Tennessee designated the portion of U. S. Highway 41 from the corporate city limits of Manchester (in Coffee County) northward to the Rutherford County Line as the "James R. Brantley Memorial Highway". Signs identifying that portion of the highway were posted at the Manchester City limits and at the Rutherford County line. Signs were also added that identified James R. as the owner of Allan F-1 and Roan Allen F-38.



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