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Q-Wm Theophilus Brantley

From: Michael
Date: 06 May 1999
Time: 16:31:19
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Who were Wm Theophilus Brantley's parents and where were they from.

gen1 John Calvit m. (unknown Brantley) gen2 Wm Calvit m. Elizabeth Spires

Wm. & Elizabeth Had many children but two of them were named. 1. Charles Brantley Calvit 2. Theophilus Calvit

John Calvit was born in NC c.1761 by 1776 he was in the Potomac River area of MD or VA. In the 1780's he removed to Ms.

The Brantley name passed through several generation of Calvit's. The item that most caught my eye was the combination of Brantley & Theophilus. Both of these names are rare & I believe my unknown Brantley is connected to Wm Theophilus Brantley's family somehow.